[Solved] Why Does My Zippo Dry Out So Fast

Zippos are fueled by a highly flammable fluid, gaseous butane, for achieving it’s optimum performance. This fuel evaporates every time it comes in contact with heat. It is sensitive to your body heat and even when you lit the for a long time. Other conditions such as, how you refill the lighter, how you store it also contributes in the dry out process.

Zippo Manufacturing Company sells over 10million lighters annually. It’s the most expensive lighter that has its price ranging from US$15 to US$11,900. Is the windproof lighter worth that price? Let’s put it under scrutiny.

The Zippo lighter has been observed for high evaporation rates. There are several reasons for this evaporation.

When you overfill this lighter, the extra liquid will spill onto its exterior. When you ignite it, it will break into flames that might extend to your hands. The big flame will cause its surfaces to be warmer, increasing the evaporation rate.

The zippo lighter fuel consists of gaseous butane, a highly flammable fluid. When the lighter comes into contact with a warm surface, evaporates. People who carry this lighter in their pockets have complained of lighter fuel dry out. Most have thought maybe it spills. The truth is when the lighter is placed in the pocket, it contacts body heat, which results in evaporation.

The liquid used in the Zippo lighter is highly flammable. Its evaporation rate is triggered by many conditions, such as atmospheric conditions.

Here’s my tips on how to keep Zippo from drying fast and get the best out of my bucks.

When the Zippo lighter contacts a warm surface, its liquid will evaporate. The liquid used in this lighter is butane, a highly flammable liquefied gas. If you pour it on a surface, it will vanish right in front of your eyes. Its evaporation rate becomes extreme when exposed to heat.

When this butane lighter is left open, it’s exposed to oxygen. Most gases burn in oxygen, including butane. Make sure you cover the lighter when after using. The lids can sometimes be very clumsy. You can wrap it with duct tape to seal it better.

Store in a waterproof, airtight box if you don’t have plan to use it for a long time.

After use, put it off. When the lighter burns for longer, the flame grows bigger. The bigger the flame, the more the combustion. To avoid this burnout, always extinguish the flame immediately after use, remember zippo lighter does not self extinguish.

When refilling the Zippo lighter, be careful not to overfill it. The liquid will flow onto its surface and even on to your hands. If you immediately light it, it will burst into huge flames, which usually die out almost immediately. However, the big flames consume a lot of the liquid. In case you overfill, allow the extra fuel to dry up before lighting it.

Statistics show that a frequently used Zippo lighter can last up to 3weeks while a stored one just 4days, and the liquid will have maxed. Always empty your lighter before storing it.

There’s no exact period recommended for filling up your Zippo. It all depends on your usage.

Zippo lighter is a metallic, windproof, handheld, reusable lighter. It’s manufactured by Zippo Manufacturing Company that is based in Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA.

A Zippo lighter consists of a tube fitted with an exterior cap-screw and an internal spring that has to remain in constant contact with its exterior flint-wheel. While lighting the rough surface of the flint-wheel rubs against the flick, downward motion creates sparks, igniting the liquid in the wick.

This lighter, just like any other lighter, has its pros and cons.

  • The metal exterior of this lighter makes it stronger hence durable.
  • It’s interior is stuffed with rayon balls that prevent spillage.
  • It comes with a lifetime repair guarantee in case of any mechanical malfunctions.
  • It’s windproof; therefore, it can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • It can be lit more quickly because of its big wheel and doesn’t require hand support to keep it blazing.
  • It has an uncoordinated lid that increases the evaporation of the fluid.
  • It has a petrol stench.

Zippo lighter is popular among people who live in harsh weather conditions, campers and off gridders as it’s windproof. Campers overtime have praised it for its stamina and ability to blaze where other lighters can’t.

Besides, some zippo lighters are multi-fuel and run on camp fuel too, making them best alternative to camp matches. This lighter has found its way into most American households.

The first Zippo lighter was manufactured in 1933. Zippo Manufacturing Company founder George Grant Blaisdell was inspired by an Australian lighter that burnt well and longer beside the wind’s presence. He observed how the owner was struggling to light it and how he had used a lot of effort to keep it ablaze.

He resolved to make a better version of the Australian lighter. G blaisdell wanted to eliminate the struggle in lighting and keeping it flaming. His version requires minimum effort in lighting and burns without support.

Here’s my tips that you may find useful about lighter fuels, especially zippo.

The recommended fluid for the Zippo Lighter is the Zippo premium lighter fluid. Other liquids can also be used, but they burn with dark fumes.

Don’t fill this lighter and store it. It’s a waste. Zippo lighters have a higher evaporation rate when not in use.

When you overfill this lighter, the extra liquid will spill on it and cause an enormous flame when lit.

Remove the inside unit from the metal case. Turn the unit upside down and uncover the top packing material to expose the rayon Top it with Zippo lighter Fluid and cover it back. Return it into its case.

Butane fuel lighters are very hazardous if not cautious. Here are the precautions you should consider:

  • Put out the flame after use. A zippo lighter doesn’t need finger support when flaming. It can lead to mass fire destruction if it accidentally falls on a highly flammable material.
  • Keep it away from children. Children like putting everything in their mouths. If the child is exposed to the butane in this lighter, it can cause lung complications. The worst-case scenario is if the liquid is drunk, it causes poisoning.
  • Don’t overfill. It will spill on your hands. This liquid causes skin irritations. Wash with clean water and mild soap if the liquid comes in contact with skin.
  • When filling, don’t bring your face too close to the liquid. You will inhale it and develop lung complications.
  • Don’t hold it in your hand for too long when it’s flaming. The longer it flames, the hotter it gets. It can burn your hand.
In a Nutshell

With a Zippo lighter, you will only have to worry about the refill. It will never fail, even in the harshest of conditions. If well handled, it can give you excellent service. Be careless with it, and it will cost you heavily. If you yearn for a stylish, hands-free, and durable lighter, I can vouch for a Zippo lighter. And for your question, why does my zippo dry out so fast, this post solves it for all.

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