How To Make Your Generator Quiet As A Cricket (DIY)

How To Make Your Generator Quiet As A Cricket

The problem with generator is their noise. Get rid of the irritating noise by doing little to no effort. If someone is promising you that they will make your generator sound quiet as a cricket, that is probably a over statement. Generators will make noise, but we can reduce it significantly by using the following … Read more

How To Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch

how to connect generator to house without transfer switch

Before installing any electric equipment, the main concern of everyone is the benefit it provides in comparison to its cost. A transfer switch makes generator or portable generators usage reliable and easy and at the same time adds a lot to its total cost. The transfer switch is a must, especially when you live in … Read more

How To Get Asplundh Free Wood Chips And Alternatives

asplundh free wood chips mulch

Do you want to keep your landscape in prime condition? Do your plants need help with moisture retention or protection from the harsh climate? Are you looking for ways to prevent weeds or protect sensitive seedlings? Mulch, usually made of leaves, yard clippings, or groundwood, serves as a top dressing for trees or gardens. Why … Read more

7 Best States For Homesteading (And 3 Worst)

best states for homesteading

Best states for homesteading should provide all the basic needs and some more. Texas, West Virginia, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Tennessee have ranked the top 7 states for homesteading. I’ve considered the living cost, climate, state laws, earning potentials, homeschooling curriculum and overall demographic aspects of the states while ranking the best homesteading friendly states. … Read more

Driven Sand Point Well Advantages and Disadvantages

sand point well

Sand point well AKA Driven well can be the easy to install and portable water solution. Sand point well problems are maintenance cost and risk of contamination. An average American household consumes about 300 gallon water everyday. 70% of this 300 gallon is for indoor uses only. That includes cooking and washing. As off gridders, … Read more

Best Off Grid TV Shows – Have you Watched them All?

best off grid TV shows

Ever wondered what it feels like living in an off-grid cabin? Staying away from actual civilization and full-blown technology? Well, if your family doesn’t own a place in the woods or you weren’t born in the early ’90s – it might be a little bit difficult to get the full-on unplugged nation experience. Off grid … Read more