Best Off Grid TV Shows – Have you Watched them All?

Ever wondered what it feels like living in an off-grid cabin? Staying away from actual civilization and full-blown technology? Well, if your family doesn’t own a place in the woods or you weren’t born in the early ’90s – it might be a little bit difficult to get the full-on unplugged nation experience. Off grid TV shows can show you a glimpse of how it feels like.

There are a lot of exciting movies to watch if you’d want to know what off-grid life feels like, just out of curiosity. These movies are educational, thrilling, fun to watch. Most importantly, they are filled with scenes and acting that illustrate how people survive when living off-grid.

Here are 11 of the best off grid and survival tv and online shows of all time:

First, on my list, I have this fantastic TV show by Discovery Channel, also available on DIY Network. Every episode features a new family or character illustrating the reality of building a home in a remote area, with nothing but their intuition to rely on. The team running this TV show is always on the watch for ordinary people who have the passion and skill to build an off-grid apartment.

While some viewers resent the failure to observe simple safety precautions, others strongly believe a little bit of technical help is offered here and there to complete the projects successfully. Since their first episode in 2014, they sure have significantly impacted grid life, with thousands of viewers looking forward to the next episode every week.

Jericho first aired in 2006 and came to an end in 2008 after two seasons. The story is centered around Jericho’s happy people, a small town called Kansas, and how they survive a nuclear attack that affected 23 major cities in the United States.

Survivors were trying to live one day at a time, hoping the government will come to rescue them until they discovered the nuclear attack was deliberate. The government was never coming to their aid. This post-apocalyptic tv-show gave viewers the chills as characters struggled to feed, drink, and realize the limitations they experience as information on the nuclear attack was gathered.

What happens when homesteaders do not possess the ability to live the homestead life successfully? They call Homestead Rescue! Just as its name implies, they come to the rescue of homesteaders struggling to live the remote life. After a couple of scenes displaying their frustration and inability to cope, the rescue team comes around to provide help.

This show is fun and educative to watch, especially if you’re a homesteader who needs help to live the remote life with ease. Since its first episode aired in 2016, they’ve had three seasons in total. Each season with more than episodes, and each episode with a 45-minute runtime.

Next, I got this Off the Grid TV show, displaying how people decide to leave the big city and search for a home on the beach. Some homes have modern designs and access to various utilities that make living easy, while some need a revamp.

Although each episode has a runtime of about twenty minutes, you still get to have the best twenty minutes of your life as you watch each character as they embark on a quest to search for a remote apartment. Unlike other TV shows, the homes here are only remote. They are not typical off-grid homes without access to utilities.

The story about Anne of Green Gables would be forever entertaining to old and new viewers. Anne with an E tells the story of a brother and sister who own a small farm on Prince Edward Island. After a long time of operating their small farm and realizing they need help with the day-to-day activities they can’t cope with as they get older, they decided to adopt a boy from an orphanage home.

Things took a turn when the brother went to the train station to pick the boy child they needed around but ended up getting a girl instead. Anne was made to carry out farming activities intended initially for boys. Watching Anne discover and explore the life of a homesteader is thrilling to watch.

Starring Eustace Conway, Tom Oar, and Marty Meierotto facing nature head to head as they survive the harsh environmental and weather conditions of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Alaska. These men live the life of a true off-gridder as they have no electric supply and other utilities for survival available. All they have is a rifle, their truck, and their survival skills.

Beyond watching them explore the mountains, each one has distinct characters that make this show super entertaining. This show has been on air since 2012, with over 100 episodes, each having a runtime of about 45 minutes.

Next, we have this original series from Netflix, Frontier. With the previous Game of Thrones star, Jason Momoa starring in this show. This drama series is based on the North American fur trade in Canada in the 18th century. Watching the main character fight against the monopolistic system adopted by Hudson’s Bay Company as the pay for his furs are not encouraging to make him go out into the wild for more or feed on for survival.

Note that this series is a Netflix original and can only be watched on Netflix. Watch how Declan Harp ( Jason Momoa) overcome different obstacles that threaten his life and sanity.

Living in a region where the temperature level is always below zero looks ridiculously impossible, but this documentary series shows how people live in the remote part of Alaska. These off-gridders find a way to feed, survive the cold, and combat predators that threaten their lives for every episode.

Since its release in May 2013, it has 12 seasons and about 152 episodes, each with a 45-minute runtime. Watching this show is both fascinating and scary, as you don’t know what will happen next or if they’ll live to see the next episode.

I have another Alaskan TV show on my list again. Alaska seems to be the most challenging region for off-grid leaving. Anyway, this off-grid TV show illustrates the Kilcher family’s life as they try to survive in this cold region. One of the most impressive and mind-blowing things about watching this show is seeing how they stock up during summer to brace themselves for the winter.

The Kilcher family is proud of how they can survive in this harsh environment without electricity and other necessary utilities that aids living. Each episode also runs for 45 minutes, and you have over 150 episodes of this thrilling show to watch. It’s a story of ordinary people becoming extraordinary.

Well, another Alaskan wilderness on this list. Now you know the perfect region to visit for your off-grid fantasies. Building Alaska brings out the DIY enthusiast in you as they take you through the step by step guide of building remote cabins in Alaska. Quite fun and educative to watch if you ask me.

If you enjoy putting tools and materials together to create a masterpiece, this is just the right TV show for you. Since its air date in 2012, they have over ten seasons and 68 episodes of DIY greatness. Watching them construct cabins in remote areas could be quite challenging as some of these steps aren’t usually easy to understand.

Finally, I have this Canadian documentary about two couples who moved to the west to adopt the settlers’ lifestyle in the 1800s. It is quite fascinating as you watch these couples adapt to this historical lifestyle. They are new to off-grid living, so they struggle with food for the first few months and learn to do better as time goes by.

Unfortunately, this movie has only one season and nine episodes with a runtime of about 60 minutes. Viewers wished it would have lasted longer, with at least two more seasons. If you’re looking for a TV show that briefly explains the lives of off-gridders from way back, Pioneer Quest is just what you need to watch.

In a Nutshell

Living off-grid is undeniably fascinating, with the daily risk of diving into the unknown. You also get to see nature for what it really is, the beautiful and the ugly. If you are going off-grid or have plans on going 0ff-grid, these TV shows will mentally prepare you for what’s coming. It also gives you a list of materials and instruments you’d need to survive off-grid.

There’s only so much reading and watching several off-grid guides can show you. Watching real-life people face nature head-on will expose your mind to reality and possibility. You can also have fun while at it. Explore the world the right way.

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