How To Get Asplundh Free Wood Chips And Alternatives

Do you want to keep your landscape in prime condition? Do your plants need help with moisture retention or protection from the harsh climate? Are you looking for ways to prevent weeds or protect sensitive seedlings?

Mulch, usually made of leaves, yard clippings, or groundwood, serves as a top dressing for trees or gardens. Why spend a fortune getting mulch when you can get it for from Asplundh free wood chips program, chipdrop and others without spending a dime? You can pick the wood chips, or you can have them delivered for free. Still, you can make your mulch. Now, let’s explore all the sources.

  • Local Tree Service Companies (Asplundh, Chipdrop)
  • Your City or County Government (The Material Resource Department)
  • Local Arborist
  • Starbucks and other Coffee Shops (The Best Kept Secret)
  • Grass Clippings (Ideal for Vegetables and Flower Gardens)
  • Fallen Leaves
  • Drive Around
  • Do it Yourself

Asplundh Tree Expert is a company that provides safe, efficient, and innovative line clearance services to the utility industry. Their Free Wood Chips program ensures that the wood chips they produce are recycled as much as possible. This means using the wood chips as fuel or landscape material and giving them away to the public in some areas.

Asplundh Free Mulch program is designed for recycling wood chips whenever possible. You can contact them about their free wood chips on their Facebook page or by their email address which is on their website. 

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asplundh free wood chips fb text

I messaged them on Facebook and by email asking for more information on how to get free wood chips. They responded very quickly on Facebook (about half an hour). They advised me to ask the crew in my area about availability or contact my local Asplundh office for more information. 

They also added, ‘Remember that the chips are freshly ground, may vary in quality, and contain a mixture of leaves, wood and bark. Crews cannot provide partial loads. A full load is about the size of a minivan.’

It took a while longer for them to reply to my email (about two days and after a follow-up email). Still, when they did, I was given the same information as on Facebook.

The wood chips available in your area vary daily, so you must contact your local region about availability.

After I contacted Asplundh on Facebook and Email, this is the advice I was given to receive the free wood chips.

Ask the crew in your area

If there are Asplundh workers in your area. In that case, you can simply ask them directly about the free wood chips, and they will inform you of their availability. Once they know that you are interested, you can arrange for your free wood chips to be delivered to your door with them. 

Contact your local Asplundh office

If there are no Asplundh workers in your area. In that case, you can contact your local office and ask about availability through them instead. You can contact them at their website, and they will provide you with any information you need. 

Get your free wood chips

Once you have either spoken to the crew in your area or contacted your local office, all you need to do is wait for the wood chips to become available in your area. You will have them delivered straight to your door. 

Getting Asplundh free wood chips is simple and easy. Reach out to them, then sit back and enjoy your favorite homesteading show, you’ll get the mulch in no time!

Chip drop is a dedicated service for free wood chips. Head over to their website, sign up and read the expectations carefully before requesting the drop.

YouTube video

Like the homesteading laws, each county usually has different guidelines when it comes to the distribution of resources to its residents. You need to know the requirements in your city before you take any steps. Here’s what to do.

  • Check if your local government has a free wood mulch program
  • Search the pickup locations to see what suits you
  • Determine in advance the quality of wood mulch you will be willing to accept
  • Keep looking to see if there is mulch at the site that suits you. Once you have spotted the quality of mulch that you would like, get a permit (don’t get a license before you see the quality of what’s available)

Tree care companies become essential whenever you need free mulch. These companies remove outgrown trees and those that have fallen. Additionally, they get rid of trees to clear land. You can rest assured that you can always get a great source of fresh mulch. Now, you have to plan, and you might have to wait for a while.

What do you do? The trick is, listening to the sound of opportunities, how? It is easy, stay alert for the sound of chainsaws and industrial-sized wood chippers. Then, go and approach the crew’s head and give them instructions on where to drop their mulch. A busy, hard-working team wants precise directions where they can drop off the wood chips. Ensure that you have an easily accessible location for drop-off.

 Pro Tip 

Always ask about the quality of the wood mulch. Wood that has not yet aged tends to form organic acids, which become toxic to plants while decomposing. Again, free wood mulch might contain insect larvae and weeds. It is advisable to spray some insecticides.

Coffee grounds are another excellent option for mulching. Won’t you be delighted to get the ‘humongous’ bag of free coffee grounds? Well, if you ask, Starbucks can give you the ‘ground for gardens’ coffee grounds for free.

You love a well-manicured lawn, don’t you? What do you do with your yard waste? Do you throw the mowed grass away? If you have been doing this, please stop! Grass clippings preserve moisture, add nutrients, and keeps off weeds. Ask local lawncare professionals for getting as much grass clippings as you want.

 Pro Tip 

Avoid using fresh grass as mulch. Instead, let the grass dry before using it. Fresh grass contains a lot of nitrogen that burns the plants.

Leaves from your backyard can get used as mulch. Instead of burning the leaves, let them dry (dry leaves decompose fast), then use.

You will get to see a pile of wood chips on the side of the road, and you can load it into your truck for free.

Turn all the sticks, branches, shrubs, and leaves into wood chips. You only need to get a wood chipper (rent or buy one). Surprisingly, you will have tons of wood mulch for free and zero garden waste.

Using wood chips for mulch has many benefits for your garden. For example, it is an excellent option for moisture retention, which is perfect if you live in a hot and dry environment, as wood chip mulch does not allow much water in the soil to evaporate. If you do not live in a hot environment, do not worry, as wood chip mulch has excellent benefits for colder areas too. Wood chips can have an insulative effect on the soil if the depth is correct, so you do not need to be afraid of the harsh weather’s impact on your garden as much. 

Wood chip mulch can have a significant impact on your garden. It impedes weed growth, breaks down the soil over time, does not need to be replaced often, looks pleasant, repels certain pests, prevents soil erosion, prevents water evaporation from the soil, provides nutrients, and so much more. Wood chip mulch is an excellent option for your garden. 

Like everything, wood chip mulch comes with its advantages and disadvantages. For example, wood chip mulch produces much more carbon than nitrogen. This means that you may have to add composted manure to your garden and beds to help with the difference. 

It is important to note that certain trees naturally come with problems. For example, Pine adds acid to the soil, Black Walnut will stop plant growth, and any tree that had a disease or fungi will spread them into the soil. 

Other demerits of wood chip mulch include fungal growth that can be seen in as little as 2-3 years depending on the environment, wood chips decay over time, termites may become an issue, and it will create additional fire hazards. 

In a Nutshell

Wood mulch is essential for landscaping and gardening. It is easy to find free wood mulch for your garden. Besides, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Also, it would be best if you did not go far to get them as you can find them near you. For practical and easy ways to save money and time, the methods mentioned above will come in handy.

The Asplundh free wood chips program and Chipdrop is a great way to help your garden and the environment.

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