Ubifi Review – Head To Head With Netbuddy and Unlimitedville

UbiFi offers internet connectivity that they claim works anywhere in the world, and we’re here to put their claims to the test. Is their service as fast as they advertise? How much does it cost? And are there any hidden costs? Keep reading my UbiFi review to find out the answers to all of these questions and more.

In today’s world, internet devices are often connected via a wireless or wired connection. There are about 3.2 billion internet users around the world, and about 3 billion use wireless connections.

UbiFi technology provides a means for wired and wireless connection using AT&T towers, and about 2% of people worldwide use UbiFi, which is available in about 70% of the world’s cities. With 90% of wireless internet users in the US, UbiFi.net is among the prominent internet providers.

With their slogan “Internet. Anywhere”, UbiFi is one of the internet providers in the US, reaching out to rural area. UbiFi claims to provide high-speed and unlimited internet service.

With 90% of wireless internet users in the US, UbiFi.net is among the internet providers in the US. UbiFi uses AT&T towers and it is becoming popular with the unlimited internet package going for $99.99 per month.

UbiFi meets national averages in internet features. Before choosing to use their service, let’s review some key features that may or may not suit you.

  • Offered throughout the US
  • Location examination before ordering UbiFi
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Reasonably priced
  • Limited supply; one purchase per customer
  • Unguaranteed internet speed
  • Not ideal for streaming local channels
For Unlimited data, ‘excessive usage’ is not defined, but excessive use may alter your data plan or lead to suspensions. For a typical household, excessive usage is usually not reached.

When you order the UbiFi router product, expect these contents when unboxing:

  • A MoFi SIM4 LTE Gateway
  • AC charger
  • Ethernet cable
  • 4 Antennas; 2 for an ultra-wide 4G LTE band (connectivity in) and the other 2 for Wi-Fi (connectivity out)
  • A Quick Start Guide
  • A 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty card

The SIMPLY UNLIMITED PLAN goes for $99.99 per month, with a 30-day free trial when you first purchase the complete MoFi SIM4 4G LTE Gateway or the BYOD Sim. This subscription is not a contract but a prepaid month-to-month renewed service that you can withdraw anytime you want. When you order, you have an option to include the monthly internet package. This product comes with a 1-year warranty.

The average internet cost in the US is $60 per month, but this varies in regions. With UbiFi, after installation, you will incur $99.99 per month, above the nation’s average.

You get the UbiFi MoFi SIM4 4G LTE Gateway at $314.99. It will include these items in the box; this does not include the SIMPLY UNLIMITED PLAN and the shipping fee. This price is even higher if you need boosting kits.

The UbiFi gateway is similar to the MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-SIM7-COMBO 4G/LTE Router at amazon.com ($314.99).

If you have a model similar to the MoFi SIM4 4G LTE, you don’t need to get another one to get connected with UbiFi. All you have to do is provide your gateway’s IMEI and module serial number and get the UbiFi BYOD SIM card. A BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) SIM card is one you didn’t buy from UbiFi, but it is compatible with their plan.

Their fixed unlimited data plan goes for $99.99 per month, with a 30-day trial for first-time users. Unsatisfied? You have 30 days to return or exchange equipment, where a 15% restocking fee applies.

UbiFi seems to get their products from other manufacturers, losing their dominance to modify services and a resulting high price.

UbiFi claims to connect you throughout the US, provided you have 4G LTE Signal around your area. UbiFi uses AT&T towers. If you’re planning to go UbiFi, I’d advise you first to check the AT&T network coverage to avoid poor services.

However, contact them before ordering the UbiFi product. UbiFi does not guarantee coverage. Don’t just do guesswork. Let UbiFi determine for you if your location is eligible for their high speed internet service.

The average internet speed, as of 2021, is 7.2mbps worldwide, and 11.8mbps in the US.

UbiFi has a theoretical speed limit of 300 Mbps and does not put out this as the fixed speed you will get. Speed Test show 20- 40Mbps download, 2-4Mbps upload, and latency at 70ms. Latency is the speed at which data is transferred between its source to your devices. UbiFi lies above the nation’s average, that’s a win.

Comparing UbiFi to most fiber internet connection, it doesn’t beat the 1000mbps download speed and upload speed. UbiFi matches with most cable internet provider, with a range of 25mbps download and 3mbps upload.

The provider’s FAQ page only guarantees you an estimate of internet speed based on:

  • Your closeness to (AT&T) towers
  • Their network coverage in your location
  • The average network traffic on specific periods

Wired internet (ethernet) is generally faster than wireless internet. Most ethernet providers can reach up to 10Gbs, while wireless internet providers like UbiFi will only attain 300 Mbps.

Streaming sites like Netflix have had no buffering, according to reviews.

100ms is the acceptable latency for most online games, but some gamers prefer between 20-40ms. UbiFi’s latency of 75ms is suited for most online games. Know your preference and compare it with UbiFi’s latency.

However, private IPs used by UbiFi may conflict with your gaming experience that shows NAT errors. NAT is short for Network Address Translation and is responsible for managing data between private and public addresses that are legal. The benefit of NAT is to keep your UbiFi network secure. A NAT error occurs when you have not specified a public address (gaming address) on your MoFi. UbiFi advises you to join MoFi’s Cloudlink service ( to fix NAT errors.

UbiFi does not offer a 5G internet speed like its close competitor Unlimitedville.

UbiFi has been seen to aim at rural America. Their gateway router has some additional features that improve internet connectivity:

Built-in Signal Status Tool

Can be accessed via the browser using the link, with your browsing gadget connected to the UbiFi internet.

Gateway’s firmware updates

will help the gateways fix bugs, and if there is a new version, faster internet speeds.

Band locking the modem

Usually, to connect you, the UbiFi gateway router connects to the strongest signal from the AT&T towers, which sometimes may not provide robust connectivity. Band locking is a feature that allows you to connect to specific bands for constant connectivity regardless of heavy traffic.

If you dislike the signal strength of your UbiFi gateway router, you can get their signal booster kit. You incur additional costs in these. UbiFi should consider including signal boosting kits in the MoFi package, especially for those in rural areas, enjoying nomad internet.

UbiFi has complementary gadgets (outdoor antenna, directional antenna etc.) to boost the signal. The good thing about UbiFi is that their customer service will always advise you before ordering any of their products.

UbiFi should include these kits in the MoFi package rather than a complement gadget, especially an external antenna. Customers have complained of poor signals if away from the towers. Be sure to contact them before getting any of the following:

Once the internet connectivity has reached your house, you can spread it to multiple devices. The gateway has LAN ports (ethernet ports) that allow you to connect up to four PCs via a cable that comes with the product; it comes with one cable, not four.

Two hundred devices can connect via Wi-Fi. The range is good, enabled by two of the four antennae of the MoFi router. However, you may need boosting kits for more comprehensive ranges, increasing your costs on the internet.

UbiFi has better customer service than most providers. Their website has a well-established support center. There are articles there, from initial installation, checking the signal status, configuration, updating to resetting the firmware.

If you need help, you can contact them via email, a call, or chat on the UbiFi website.

I’d advise, don’t reach out to them via Facebook. Their last post was in 2018, showing inactivity there.

UbiFi has a lower trust score because customer reviews have been few, and no reviews featured on Trustpilot. UbiFi’s customer reviews (on their website) are generally positive (3.4/5), claiming no buffers and lower pings.

Some reviews have mentioned UbiFi failing to mention the need for signal booster kits if they find your home further from towers.

However, most reviews are from years back, and relying on them might be misleading. You can find some reviews at the bottom of the website’s homepage.

Some Facebook Reviews claim that UbiFi is not the cheapest, but the internet has “been rock solid”. Band locking in Band 2 had positive reviews. It is “a lifesaver” to people who moved to rural areas.

According to Siteprice, UbiFI.net has approximately 400 visitors per day, and 200 unique visitors, showing that the provider is gaining popularity.

UbiFi will be affordable to you than Net buddy when it comes to data plans+. UbiFi’s Simply Unlimited Plan goes for $99.99, and it is unlimited without capping.

Net buddy’s Better Than Nothing 25 Gigabytes Monthly Plan which goes for $65.00 per month and capped at lower speeds after depleting 25GB, may not be ideal for an entire home. Net Buddy has an unlimited plan and goes for $125.00 per month, which is higher than UbiFi’s unlimited plan.

Rolling your internet may be expensive and inconvenient in a off the grid setup. Getting internet gadgets from different manufacturers will have extra costs than with a single manufacturer.

UbiFi Internet competes with Satellite internet in the rural setup. Many residents preferred to go wireless by using UbiFi internet. UbiFi has no place in the city than competitors, where assured speeds reach 300mb/s.

In a Nutshell

UbiFi is an ideal deal for you if your home is away from the city where internet cables have not been installed. Their fixed unlimited plan has been attractive to many customers.

Some offgriders claim other better service providers exist. The margin for these providers is not high enough for advertising themselves.

For the heavy gamer, you will be having problems with the ‘NAT’ or ‘NAT Type 3’ errors, and you will have to join the Cloudlink service through the MoFi Network. UbiFi is not advised if you’d like to stream local channels.

If AT&T towers are closer to your home, go for UbiFi. And here goes my UbiFi review.

3 thoughts on “Ubifi Review – Head To Head With Netbuddy and Unlimitedville”

  1. We have been using Ubifi for several years with decent service up until the end of September 2021. Now, we actually have no internet service at all. Try to call…plan on waiting hours on hold. With no one ever answering. Email works a little bit better, but not much. Now, in order to email the., I have to go to work to use the internet. I have a coworker that uses them, and is having the same exact problem. Now, currently looking for a new company the provides good internet service, with good customer service.

  2. From the research that I was able to find, Ubifi has 6 employees and the mailing address is a residential area.

    I am a subscriber and have had nothing but problems. Look at their website – they’ve had a 2 month outage and have no end in sight.

  3. First signed on with UbiFi in December 2020. I have decent ATT signal (2-3 bars typically) and was quite pleased with the service. A recent (late October 2021) “upgrade” to their system resulted in needing a new sim card for the gateway, updated firmware, and a new plan at a higher cost and no longer “unlimited’. I had a lot of issues and spent hours trying to troubleshoot and restore service. Chat is not responded to. Multiple calls to their only number puts me on hold and after several minutes you get the option to “press any number and leave a voicemail – and you will be called right back.” I was able to leave a voicemail, once and never received a call back. Then subsequent calls and selecting the option to leave a voicemail results in “sorry the voicemail box is full.” E-mail has resulted in two responses and a suggestion that another plan may be better for me. Yet, I cannot contact them to switch plans. All I really was trying to do was talk to a tech that can verify I have the gateway set properly after all the changes. I have some internet capability, but Alexa no longer works and nether does the Honeywell Home Thermostat. I cannot get a response from them and will have to terminate the service by stopping to pay them and I will be stuck with a $300 4G LTE gateway that is less than a year old. Very disappointed.

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